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With close to fifty picture books published, Barney Saltzberg has been traveling the world talking about creativity and where ideas come from.  He lectured in China and Russia through a cultural exchange program through the United States State Department.  

Barney is passionate about working with children, parents, teachers, organizations on the art of making mistakes and finding play and creativity in our everyday lives.

His books have won numerous awards, including NAPPA Gold Awards, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Starred Reviews.  Most recently Melinda Gates chose Beautiful Oops as one of the top three books every child should read.

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Melinda Gates Recommends Beautiful "Oops ! 


Philanthropist and mother, Melinda Gates, has recommended Beautiful Oops! as one of the top three books children "must-reads" for all young children. As Gates told Literati, Saltzberg’s book empowers children to think differently when things don't go as planned"


In partnership with Cyndi Burnett, Barney has been developing new creative thinking activities to develop the Creative Thinking Skills. Check out our new YouTube channel that we are launching on January! Subscribe to our station and share !

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BARNEY SALTZBERG has been captivating audiences since 1980 as he has traveled all over the world speaking about creativity. 


Mr. Saltzberg presents a range of programs, both academically based and just plain fun, with a clear, uplifting message to children and adults about creativity and the importance of play.

Barney Saltzberg is available for:

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • Business events

  • Conferences 

  • In-person and virtual school visits.

For more info about setting up a visit by Barney, send Susan Strick a message.

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