BARNEY SALTZBERG has been captivating audiences since 1980 as he has traveled all over the world speaking about creativity. As a keynote speaker at numerous conferences as well as a visiting author/illustrator at schools and libraries from China, Russia, India, Spain, Vietnam and throughout the United States, Mr. Saltzberg presents a range of programs, both academically based and just plain fun, with a clear, uplifting message to children of all ages.

Kids Arlo YES

Barney is available for in-person school visits and Skype visits. As well as keynote addresses, workshops, and children’s concerts. Take a look at some testimonials below from previous visits!


Lauren Taylor, Lower School Art Specialist, The Kinkaid School – Houston, TX

We absolutely loved having Barney come visit last Friday! What a wonderful treat for our school. The teachers and students both have been raving about the assembly non-stop! 🙂 

Amanda, Bookseller, Inkwood Books – Tampa, FL

Having Barney here was great. The kids and teachers at the schools loved him. We did pre-sales with the schools, which has always been the most effective for us. We would have liked to have had him around for a bit longer, and I think it would be great to have him at one school for longer, visiting different grades throughout the day. The media specialists at both Berkeley and Shorecrest thought it was a great idea for the future to have him spend at least half a day with their kids. We’d also love to have him for an evening event at the store! 

Rebecca Stewart, Visual Art Specialist, Memorial Elementary – Houston, TX

(prior to visit) I always read, Beautiful Oops, at the beginning of the year to my art students. It sets up a great conversation for them all year long when they feel that they have made a mistake. They already LOVE that book. Several teachers have checked out his books from our school library and are reading and discussing them with their children now. I want it to be a really wonderful experience for all.


Krista Jacobus, Art Specialist, Lebanon Elementary – Nashville, TX

WOW is all I can say!  Everyone went wild over his presentations.  His message to the middle schoolers could not have been more powerful and relevant.  He touched on so many things that we try and get across to them daily, except he was way more entertaining.  Barney is so personable and all of our staff enjoyed his genuine love of learning and creativity as well!!  We loved him and welcome him any time!!! I have pictures and videos that I will be happy to send along if you are interested.  We also had a local paper come and take pics.  As far as the elementary visit, he was a hit!  Not that we expected any different.  The only thing I regret is that I didn’t pull my daughter from school to come and watch.  They were tickled pink to have the opportunity for him to visit.  Their teachers even hugged and thanked me at the end! haha 


Lauren Savage, Bookseller, The Reading Bug – San Carlos, CA

Amazing few days!!!

Diane Capriola, Bookseller, Little Shop of Stories – Atlanta, GA

The school LOVED him and are trying to figure out a way to get him back.


For dates, pricing & more info, contact Susan Strick.